Your Role

We need your active participation and support to achieve the mission and vision of Valmiki Foundation. Your involvement will be your investment for a better society. There are various ways through which one can participate or support our cause.

  •  By contributing to the Support Schemes like Educational activities, feeding programs, health schemes etc.
  • Have the joy of bringing up a child by fostering a child thru Child Sponsorship.
  • Corporate Participation is another way thru which corporate houses can involve in supporting our various projects under Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • By Volunteering their service, people can involve in our activities. You can spare your time to teach our children or to care our babies and aged or spend time usefully in any of our daily activities. This would make a world of difference for them.
  • Surprise your dear ones: Imagine your dear one is getting a call from Valmiki Foundation that 100 children have been fed on his/her Birthday being a gift from you and they wished him/her MANY HAPPY RETURNS and prayed for the well-being.
  • Tell about us by spreading the message about Valmiki Foundation to your friends and relatives and suggest them to support our cause in whatever way they can.