Sponsorship Details

An Appeal to Donors:

We would want our well wishers and sponsors who come from multifarious backgrounds to devote some time for these children so they get to benefit from your experiences.

In effect the above are just some necessary activities for us to steadfastly pursue our vision and mission aimed at providing education, awareness and eradicating poverty and make it an equitable society with opportunities for all. It is our sincere and humble request to each one you to support us in this endeavor in every which way you can. A form of sponsorship follows.

Sponsorship Details of Valmiki Hriday for Donors

S.No Provision Amount per Month Amount per Year
1 Education, Cloths, Medical, Recreational and Food Expenses for a child 1800 20000
2 Education Expenses for a child 1000 10000
3 Food Expenses for a child 1000 12000
4 Clothing Expenses for a child 400 3500 (3 pairs of school uniforms & 3 pairs of civil dresses)
5 Medical Expenses for a child 400 3500
6 Recreational Expenses for all children 3000 25000 (To celebrate children birthdays, taking them for Amusement parks, Historical places, Children movies)
7 Sponsor a Vegetarian lunch once in a month or when ever you want to sponsor for all children 2800 12000
8 Sponsor a  Non-Vegetarian lunch once in a month or when ever you want to sponsor for all children 3500 18000


  • You can donate educational material like school uniforms, note books, bags, pens, pencils etc
  • You can donate cloths & towels for children
  • You can donate general items like soaps, toothpaste, brushes etc
  • You can donate provisions like rice, dhal, cooking oil etc
  • You can donate recreation material like indoor & out door sports and games material
  • Spend some time with the children( story telling, helping in education, games, teaching music, helping with the computers, counselling about carrier guidance)
  • Celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries or festivals with the children
  • You can become a volunteer with us and can work for the needy children
  • You can refer a child to Valmiki Hriday

When you sponsor a child, you receive:

  • A picture and the case study of your sponsored child
  • Annual progress report of your sponsored child to show you his/her progress
  • 50% tax exemption receipt