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Doing Good in the World @ PATTAYA ORPHANAGE ( Thailand )

Our Project Director Valmiki Hari Kishan paid a visit to the Pattaya Orphanage Home located in Pattaya and was amazed to see the services rendered by the team under dynamic leadership of the Director Fr.Michael Weer Phangrak. Valmiki Foundation has donated UHV Milk to the Children during his visit.

During the Vietnam War, Pattaya became a favorite place of the American servicemen who came for recreations, so there were a large number of abandoned children. Since it was found that many orphans were born of American servicemen in the days of their presence at U-Tapao U.S. base during the Vietnam War.

Bishop Thienchai answered the American military officer, saying, "It is not difficult for you to build a home for orphans and then wash your hand and go home, while it is not known where the Diocese will get money from to feed those orphans". So he asked for an initial capital of Baht 500,000 (Baht Five Hundred Thousand Only). The American military officer nodded approval but asked for 5 years' time. When the 5-year schedule fell due, the American veterans collected the amount of Baht 500,000 to give to the Pattaya Orphanage as they had promised.

Currently the Pattaya Orphanage takes care of approximately 160 orphans, ranging from newborn to studying at the university level.