Taking care of Existential Needs


The premise is just the physical location. But a lot more goes in to create an atmosphere of safety and care for the children. It's a triplex building to accommodate about 30 children at the moment in a gated community. It consists of a hall, a dining room, a kitchen and got 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a Television set - an environment as close to a home as possible.


The children are provided with healthy & nourishing food during breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Once in a week, based on a Diet Chart, they are provided Non-Vegetarian Food. Providing fruits during the week is also part of the diet chart as they are young children who are studying and require proper nourishment.


We also take care of their clothing by providing regular dresses in addition to providing 3 sets of school uniforms per student.

Recreational & Health care facilities:

We at Valmiki Hriday let them choose their outlets - be it dances, cultural activities, indoor, outdoor games or sports - and provide the platforms for the same. For example, we have teachers to teach various dance forms, we have regular feedback sessions for the children to say what they want to and ask for what they need. We strive to address the same within our limited means. Additionally, we ensure health care by providing regular doctor visits.

Residential Staff:

We have appointed a full time family to take care of the needs of the children, who takes parental care of the children round the clock.