About Us

Valmiki foundation is a non profit development organization registered under Andhra Pradesh societies registration act of 2001 (Regd No. 398/2008) by a group of social workers. It has tax exemption under section 80 G of Income Tax act, 1961.

Valmiki foundation has been effectively working with the children for the rehabilitation and reintegration.


Mr. Surya Ganesh Valmiki, a venturesome man of strong determination and a sense of purpose embarked on establishing an organization to cater to the basic living needs of the disadvantaged sections of society, especially those who are in the darkness of desperation and dejection groping for a ray of hope of sustenance and existence in this world of heavy competition.

The trials and tribulations faced by his beloved father, Mr. V. Venkata Ramanappa who was also an orphan, in his infancy and adolescence strengthened Mr. Surya Ganesh's fervent desire to extend selfless service to those who are on the lower rungs of socio-economic ladder. He founded Valmiki Foundation (Registered under societies Registration Act 2001 in the year 2008, Regd No.398) with missionary zeal and zest to offer residential tutelage and parental succor to under privileged children, to help unemployed men and women eke out their livelihood by imparting necessary skill-training in different trades and professions to make them full-fledged professionals of acumen and expertise to withstand tremors of keen competition.


  • Providing congenial and salubrious ambience for under-privileged to become poised and also to become literates.
  • Providing subsistence avenues to unemployed poor young men and women.


  • Since we believe that children are the prized assets and responsible future citizens, imparting free education, residential care, food and clothing for underprivileged children is one of our prime concerns. We make them use their latent talents to the optimum level by infusing in them an eagerness to actively partake of extracurricular activities.
  • Since we believe that supplementing family income is a poverty alleviation measure, we shape the destinies of poor young men and women who are endowed with qualities of head and heart but lack in opportunities by giving intensive and vigorous training on income generating vocational courses which ensure them employment opportunities.

Objectives and Services:


  • Identifying and according warm homely treatment in our residential care centers to those who have discontinued education as a result of either scanty resources or social impediments.
  • Providing best possible education to children who are desirous of resuming their studies after brief discontinuance due to financial stringency on the part of their parents.
  • Freeing child labourers from the clutches of exploiters and giving them residential care. Nurturing and feeding orphaned beggar's in residential care centers by providing food, clothing, education and medical facilities.


  • Identifying and providing means of living to the unemployed young men and women living in dirt and squalor in slums.
  • Enkindling in them spirit of decent living by giving training in various vocational courses which help them acquire new skills.
  • Approaching local industrialists with an earnest request to provide deserving disadvantaged workers with placement in their respective concerns.


The Valmiki Foundation has a team of committed young people, active leaders, generous philanthropists, versatile academicians and honorary advisors. The board of the foundation consists of spirited people with a firm conviction to the ideology of Mr.Ganesh Valmiki.

They are:

Mr.Surya Ganesh Valmiki - President
Mr.Venkata Ramanappa - Vice President
Mr. Hari Kishan Valmiki – Director
Mr.Raj Valmiki - General Secretary
Mr.M.Venkata Shiva Reddy - Treasurer
Mr.Ch.Raja Bhanu Kiran - Joint Secretary
Mr.P.Krishna - Executive Member

Project Director's Message

I strongly believe "service to human kind is service to god" which according to me means helping hands are better than praying lips. I strongly believe in being a better person is more important than praying. Many such philanthropic thoughts really made me think a lot from my childhood.

Alongside, my father has always been a mirror of such reflections for all which he had undergone in his days over and above all the hurdles he faced. My parents always used to apprise me and my siblings that once we grow up and achieve something sustainable we should think about the community and give something in return to the under privileged kids especially by providing them good education and health benefits. Receiving medal from a president of India added one more "feather to my crown" and inspired me and encouraged me.

My family and I hail from Anantapur which was again a dry area with fewer rains and no employment opportunities, there were two eminent persons who really transformed the entire district to a happy living….... they are none other than Swamy Sathya Sai Baba, who contributed towards the water supply, health services, education and spiritual discipline as well; and the founder of Rural Development Trust (RDT), Father Vicente Ferrer. The people of Anantapur will always be so grateful to both magnanimous personalities.

In Anantapur, RDT is active now and focusing attention on the ecological development of the area, rural housing, higher and professional education of children of deprived sections, and equally promoting rural sports, games and cultural talents among children. Further, having served for Rotary Club of Anantapur for almost 10 years as a Rotaractor amicably taught me many lessons to be a social entrepreneur. Conjointly, we have attended numerous blood donation camps, eye camps, pulse polio campaign and many more as Rotary International supports education and health.

I genuinely feel proud to be a part of Valmiki Foundation, with hindsight started by my brothers and I am currently taking care of the projects and fund raising activities to reach our set benevolent and compassionate goals.

Foundation Achievements:

  • Provided scholarships to 55 poor children of different orphanages and schools for their educational expenses.
  • Provided Vitamin A capsules to 5,000 poor children.
  • Provided aid to 15 small NGO's in cash and in - kind of donation.
  • Provided school bags and notebooks to more than 5000 poor children
  • Helping more than 200 children through our "Valmiki Scholarship Programme".
  • Network initiatives in more than 20 villages and 18 slums
  • Distributed more than one lac note books to 10,000 needy children.


The Valmiki Foundation is an autonomous body functioning in association with the noted Non-governmental organizations. The expertise from established organizations in the relevant field are secured in formulating the project preparing proposals, obtaining necessary permissions and implementing schemes to achieve the goals before the Valmiki Foundation.

Future Goals:

The Valmiki Foundation intends to expand its activity further to reduce illiteracy among the underprivileged sections of the society. We aim to impart free education through our own educational institutions and adopted schools. Also under consideration is an initiative to provide adequate infrastructural facilities in both government and private schools at the elementary and high school level.

We imagine a world without disparity and sadness. However, mere thought is not enough to transform the world. Tangible actions are what we need. As we do our bit, you too can join us in this noble mission. From simply informing others of our initiatives to spreading the message to collaborating with us, together we can bring smiles on the faces of countless fellow humans.