Valmiki Hriday: (A Home for the needy children)

Putting smiles back where they belong:

When a child smiles at us, we smile back impulsively. For a brief moment that interaction helps us forget that there are problems in this world and we get trapped in the bubble of innocence and happiness that a child carries along. But when we look at a child and see pain in his/her eyes, what do we do? Do we walk away looking for a happier face or do we stop and wonder, why should this child be not happy like every other child?

We, at Valmiki Hriday, decided to take the initiative to put the smile back on all those Godly souls who were designed by nature to be happy but deprived of that happiness by destiny. A child taken care of today is the seed for a good family, better society and better nation tomorrow. With that as the motive, Valmiki Hriday was established on 26th June 2011, presently accommodating 25 boys at # H.NO :- 9-4-86/1, Plot no.74/1, Hasmathpet, Old Bowenpally Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500009, Telangana, India. Within the constraints of the available resources, we aim to provide the best of care and support to the children who we have identified as the ones most in need including -

  • Children who have lost both parents
  • Single parent children
  • Children from below poverty line
  • Children of physically and mentally challenged parents
  • HIV affected children
  • Street and abonded children

As seen above, we are focused on bridging the destiny gap for those kids who are deprived of opportunities for no fault of theirs.