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9th Anniversary Celebrations of Valmiki Foundation - 18th June 2016

The Founder & President of Valmiki Foundation has raised an urge to do this year celebrations little inventively and directed to the team. Project Director Valmiki Hari Kishan has designed the Chariot program VALMIKI VIDHYA RATHAM -" why cannot we reach the unreached areas" with the requirements of the Rural and Tribal Children who do not have basic needs to continue their education.

In urge to help the needy children, Valmiki Foundation with the support of PURE Organization identified remote villages in the Mandal of Yellandu of Khammam District – Telangana State, India which is described as most draught areas. Most of the Villages are populated with Tribals called Thandas and Koyas who depend on Agriculture as main source of survival which is again dependent on rains.The Children are neglected to the core in the areas of education and have got a wrong perception that Children should not go to Government Schools. Those who can afford send their children to nearby private schools. Whereas many bright students are left with no options but to help their parents in Agriculture and simply waste their childhood days.

Thanks to the NGOs and Government initiatives that every remote village has got basic primary school. But, that does not serve the purpose to the fullest. There are far too many basic requirements needed to impart proper education and NGO's can fill this gap with the support of Corporate.

Valmiki Foundation has covered the villages by name Bombay Thanda, Marrigudem, Edupula Palem, Ellapuram by touching close to 1000 children by distributing school materials like School Books | Slates | Pencils | Boxes | Durries/mats| In-house Game sets | Steel plates and Glasses | Prizes. This is just a beginning as VALMIKI VIDHYA RATHAM will touch many more Miles to give SMILES on Wheels. Thanks to Rotary India Literacy Mission whose ideology is same to Literate India 100%. Valmiki Foundation is ready to work with anybody to educate empower and enlighten the Children and Adults to make them 100 percent literate.